Becker Traffic Assist 7928

With the new Traffic Assist 7928, Becker presents a mobile navigation unit with a 4.8-inch LCD touchscreen and Bluetooth Handsfree Profile 1.5, offering excellent multimedia qualities. The main memory was doubled compared to its predecessor models, from 64 MB to 128 MB. Audio sources such as MP3 and voice output can be transmitted wirelessly to the in-car sound system. The high-gloss black front shell reveals illuminated red sensor keys, which take you to the main functions by a fingertip. Also, the unit is multilingual and offers navigation directions in any one of 22 different languages.

Even in its standard function, which is navigation, the Becker Traffic Assist 7928 is packed with intelligent innovations. “Reality View”, for instance, displays almost 4,000 road directions on European motorways in realistic images. This creates clarity and makes for easier orientation when having to change lanes or directions at motorway junctions. “Lane Info” offers general assistance on multilane roads or complex motorway exit systems. The Lane Assistant provides the driver with early and reliable information about the road layout and helps to complete any turnings.

The “POIs along the route” (points of interests) is another useful and practical feature for every driver. This function shows special destinations displayed as lists of symbols and plain text with distance information. For instance, the nearest gas station, fast-food outlet or gourmet restaurant can be adopted, by a fingertip, as an intermediate destination from a selection of over one million POIs including hotels, restaurants and sightseeing attractions.

For general navigation, the Becker Traffic Assist 7928 offers up-to-date, high-resolution roadmaps for 37 European countries, readily stored on a 2-Gigabyte SD card, which allow navigation across national borders. In this, the handy route guide turns out to be an excellently informed travel companion. At border crossings it provides important information about national road traffic rules. For instance, a pop-up window informs the driver if a road toll vignette is required and informs about applicable speed limits, daytime running lights rules and blood alcohol limits.

Another add-on as stylish as it is useful is the Landmarks function, presenting characteristic sights in three-dimensional display, such as distinctive houses, churches or towers – a great help for spatial orientation.

Becker’s innovative user interface allows quick entry of destinations via the full-screen Smartspeller. Traffic news can be accessed, free of charge, through the integrated TMC (Traffic Message Channel) tuner. Any traffic delays on the route are displayed as symbols on the map or in plain text. Here the 16:9 widescreen format of the large, high-contrast display screen is of great advantage. Signs, e.g. warning of speed limits are shown clearly and prominently. TMC messages are received through the new bow antenna developed by Becker, which fits perfectly and unobtrusively in every car interior, finally getting rid of the unattractive optics of the common cable dipole antenna.

When driving through tunnels, the “Tunnel Fake” faction ensures that the display brightness is automatically adjusted to the actual light conditions, for a glare-free driving experience. A high-quality handsfree module is integrated in the unit as standard equipment. With the Bluetooth Handsfree Profile 1.5 the Becker Traffic Assist 7928 connects to equally equipped mobile phones. This allows the driver to keep their eyes safely on the road while using the phone. Phone numbers can be dialed directly via the 4.8-inch touchscreen or selected from the phonebook.

The elegant shell also contains an MP3 and video player, as well as a picture viewer. Music and video fans can create their own playlists with their favorite songs and store them on an SD card or a USB stick for non-stop playback on the Becker Traffic Assist 7928. Two low-distortion speakers provide the best-possible sound for such a small device. The volume can be easily adjusted through the jog wheel at the side of the unit. The automatic On/Off function allows switching the unit on and off with the car ignition.

The standard accessories supplied with the product include a car mount with suction cup, a Becker Spezial TMC antenna, a 12V/24V connecting cable for the cigar lighter, a USB cable, a mains adapter and a feature cradle for optimal integration in the car and improved connectivity. The Becker Traffic Assist 7928 will be available through specialist dealers from October 2007, at a retail price of about € 550,-. Protective pouches and a battery cradle to extend the battery power-on time are offered as optional accessories.

Clarion VRX578RUSB 1-DIN Multi-Format-Media-Station

The VRX578RUSB brings high-end multimedia to the car. The 1-DIN Multi-Format Media Station with a 7" touch control panel is equipped with Clarions iPod® user interface including video playback, a USB port, and two-zone entertainment. It is also compatible with the BLT373 Bluetooth® interface from Clarion. With all of this, it enables an undreamt-of functionality. The VRX578RUSB achieves perfect multimedia and the highest comfort and, for the first time, waives all compromises in the equipment!

To ensure that the sound is convincing even without an additional power amplifier, there are already four powerful MOSFET power amplifiers with 50 watts integrated into the device. A 24 bit D/A converter provides first-class sound quality, as do the integrated active crossovers, whose high-pass filters even protect the speakers connected to the integrated power amplifiers from energetic bass frequencies. The VRX578RUSB sets new standards in functionality and performance with the H.M.I. interface from Clarion. In keeping with this, the VRX578RUSB is controlled with a control panel that works intuitively and simply so that the driver can always keep his eyes on the road.

The iPod has revolutionised the market for portable media like no other device, and Clarion has achieved an exemplary integration of the iPod. This allows for audio controls as well as video playback to take place via the iPod.

The multimedia station also plays back DivX files. DivX is the most common video compression format worldwide, allowing you to watch videos any place at any time.

If you connect any given USB storage medium to the VRX578RUSB, you can access up to 15,000 songs in MP3, WMA, or AAC format from iTunes®. Furthermore, the ID3 tag data are shown on the display, revealing information about the current album, the artist, and the song. The system can support a maximum of 255 folders, with up to 15,000 songs per folder.

2-zone entertainment serves to entertain all of the car’s occupants: The driver can listen to his favourite radio station, for example, while the passengers on the rear seat can enjoy a DVD movie using, for instance, one of Clarion’s top entertainment devices.

It is definitely worth stopping by the Clarion booth at the IFA Consumer Electronics Convention 2007 in Berlin in Hall 8.1, Stand 108 + 109.

iPod® and iTunes® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. in the USA and other countries.
DivX®, DivX Ultra® Certified as well as the corresponding logos are trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are used in licence.
The brand name Bluetooth® as well as the corresponding logos are property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

- Multi format media station with 7 inch touch screen
- High end design with top-quality display
- Reads all formats including DivX (officially certified), MP3, WMA iTunes, AAC (from USB only)
- Playback of all compressed media from CD or DVD
- USB connector for external storage media
- 24-bit D/A converter
- High-pass and low-pass filter
- Direct iPod ready (optional cable CCA691)

Helix Power Station XXL Competition

As a state-of-the-art power stabiliser, the Helix Power Station XXL Competition enables the computerised stabilisation of the power amplifier input voltage with a digital display for the input and output voltage. The car battery thus becomes the world’s best power supply for the car hi-fi equipment and is even clearly superior to the electricity system at home.

Aside from a perfect voltage stabilisation, that can, by the way, be simply adjusted by turning a potentiometer, the Helix Power Station offers a series of significant key features: The car battery is reliably protected from undervoltage – if the battery voltage drops below 10V for more than one minute, the Power Station switches off automatically. Due to its charge and discharge function, the outputs can be de-energized for maintenance. The integrated temperature monitoring provides additional safety during operations.

The function of connected equipment is monitored with IMS technology (Integrated Managing Software). The separate voltage sensor input acts to eliminate voltage drops in the power supply line between the Power Station and the power amplifier. A delayed remote output protects the car hi-fi system from switching noise.

The BUS system connector makes it possible to control the Power Station as well as the connected Helix power amplifiers via an external display. Using a master/slave control, several Helix Power Stations can be connected in parallel. The temperature-optimised cooler guarantees the best-possible power development. Components with a component tolerance below 1% provide the perfectly harmonical sound and maximal powerr.

The SMD (Surface Mounted Device) components and the double-sided copper-plated circuit board stand for constant production quality. In addition to the best-possible power supply and signal transmission, the solid setup of the circuit board enables reliable protection against vibrations. The 24 carat gold-plated power connectors and the double-printed Plexiglas cover also bear witness to the excellent product quality despite the affordable price: This is what distinguishes Audiotec Fischer and its Helix products from all the others.


- Computer controlled switch-mode power supply
- Max. 100 / 200 A (RMS/pulse)
- Adjustable output voltage 12 - 15 V
- Undervoltage protection (10 V) for car battery
- Monitoring of input and output current
- Temperature monitoring
- Voltage-free system maintenance
- Connection of Power Caps possible
- Multiple Power Stations can be connected in parallel
- BUS system connector for displays
- Delayed remote output
- Monitoring of connected units
- Monitoring of amplifier’s input voltage possible
- High-quality circuit design with selected components
- Available in black or silver

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